Coronavirus Update

YesPollok, in common with other independence groups, has suspended all activities for the foreseeable future. I am in my seventieth year and have had asthma since I was two years old. My wife is older. Like a lot of other people, we are now in our third week of social distancing. We are taking this situation seriously.

National institutions and organisations are showing serious frailties. Government is following not leading: legislating to make compulsory what people are doing anyway. The most effective mitigation of the effects of this crisis will be at local level. Yes supporters can help. You know which of your immediate neighbours are vulnerable. Look out for them. Above all stay safe yourselves.

This too shall pass.


Yes Pollok is campaigning for Scottish Independence throughout the Greater Pollok and Cardonald ward.

Join Us – We need YOU!

Now is a great time to get involved. This time around, we are truly a grassroots movement and keen to have a wide balance of people involved, whether you’re from a political party or an individual who truly supports Scottish Independence! Being part of the Yes Pollok team feels great, particularly when you open yet another depressing article on Brexit, foodbanks etc. We’re putting pressure on the unionist parties and Westminster, just knowing that you are out there in large numbers trying to make a difference and yet again seeking ‘Scotland’s Independence’. Please don’t be complacent and wait till the last few weeks before the next referendum, we need your help NOW. ​


We are holding meetings, street stalls, events and lots more in the Greater Pollok and Cardonald ward. Come along and join in, no previous campaigning experience is necessary as we have a welcoming team of activists who will help.


A successful campaign costs money. We were very fortunate to get funding from the Scottish Independence Foundation, however, we still need help to continue campaigning and holding events in the future. Please help if you’re able.


We need your support to make our local campaign a success. We hold events and social nights to raise awareness and funds. Please keep an eye out on this site and social media and come along and support Yes Pollok.

Do you want the country next door to run your country, or do you want to run it yourself?

It’s alright to change your mind.

Yes Pollok are supportive of everyone who wants to help out. If you voted No in 2014 and have now changed your mind, then welcome to the team!

Big enough. Rich Enough. Smart enough.

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